Advantage of Joining Us

  • Product Feature
    Visible Fresh Yogurt and Fruit Mix Extra Fresh, Extra Rich, and Extra Choice
  • Free To Choose
    Weigh by the Kilogram; Take as Needed; Flexible and Creative; A Good Partner for Young People; 6 Types of Yogurt; More than 20 kinds of fresh fruits, more than 10 kinds of snacks, and 12 kinds of dry ingredients
  • Differentiated Product Creation
    Daily Selection Of Fresh Fruits, Handmade Fresh Fermented Yogurt For Sale
  • Improve Supply Chain Support
    Collaborating with shuhai supply chain, we have one large national storage and transportation center, eight regional central warehouses, covering over 1000 cities in 22 provinces, 4 municipalities, and 4 autonomous regions across the country.
  • Brand Advantages
    Nice Girl refined and upgraded yogurt, and the stretchy yogurt quickly became an online top-selling product in Chengdu with high repurchase and high evaluation, establishing a good brand in the industry.
Product Feature
Visible Fresh Yogurt and Fruit Mix Extra Fresh, Extra Rich, and Extra Choice
Free To Choose
Weigh by the Kilogram; Take as Needed; Flexible and Creative; A Good Partner for Young People; 6 Types of Yogurt; More than 20 kinds of fresh fruits, more than 10 kinds of snacks, and 12 kinds of dry ingredients
Differentiated Product Creation
Daily Selection Of Fresh Fruits, Handmade Fresh Fermented Yogurt For Sale
Improve Supply Chain Support
Collaborating with shuhai supply chain, we have one large national storage and transportation center, eight regional central warehouses, covering over 1000 cities in 22 provinces, 4 municipalities, and 4 autonomous regions across the country.
Brand Advantages
Nice Girl refined and upgraded yogurt, and the stretchy yogurt quickly became an online top-selling product in Chengdu with high repurchase and high evaluation, establishing a good brand in the industry.

Support System

Five major supporting systems; creating sustained brand momentum
  • Professional site selection and operation support, worry-free store construction and operation

    The operation team has more than ten years of experience in chain brand operations, and has professional solutions from site selection, training, operation coaching, etc., allowing you to be worry-free from site selection and store establishment to continuous operation.

  • Professional product and technology R&D system support

    The headquarters has an experienced R&D team with many years of experience. It continues to create category leadership, conducts product research and development, innovates quarterly, constantly creates popular products, surprises diners, and improves store operating income.

  • Omni-channel marketing support

    Assist stores in online media exposure, review operations, takeout operations, offline cross-industry cooperation, market promotion, increase store traffic, and increase store turnover.

  • Digital operation and supervision system support

    Through supervision and implementation guidance, cloud store inspections, collaborative management, digital operation management and other dimensions, we provide store support and control to achieve direct management of franchise stores and continue to improve profitability.

  • Digital operation and supervision system support

    Support and control stores through dimensions such as supervision and guidance, cloud store inspection, collaborative management, and digital operation management, to achieve direct management of franchise stores and continuously improve profitability.

Cooperation Process


  • Q:Who am I and what am I going to do

    Hello everyone, I am Sister Meow. I used to work as a brand marketing company, but due to the pandemic, I lost millions and almost lost hope for life.

    Before graduating from college, I went to a restaurant called 'Bangbang Chicken' and stayed there for 8 years. The company's business philosophy, talent management, and selection standards have had a significant impact on my personal career planning, turning me from a restaurant novice to a restaurant veteran; It is precisely because of this that during the period of rapid development of a certain brand, I alone opened over 100 stores. Later, I went to the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai regions to further study high-end catering products for two to three years, which also allowed me to accumulate rich catering experience.

    In the past, if we wanted to establish a brand with 100 stores, it might take five, ten, or even twenty years to establish a thousand stores. However, in the post pandemic era, with the rise of the new media industry, it may only take one or two years or even shorter for a brand to establish hundreds or thousands of stores. After careful consideration, I finally convinced myself that there is no way out to work for others, and starting my own business is the king's way! I, burdened with millions of foreign debts, have decided to start my own business again, not only for myself, but also for more people with dreams like me.

  • Q:Why do I choose brushed yogurt and fruit salad

    As a native of Sichuan, I know that Sichuan cuisine and Sichuan hotpot are now a red sea, and I will only be overwhelmed by the crowding. After a long time of investigation and more than 18 years of professional catering experience research, I finally focused on young women aged 18 to 30, but women at this age like to eat too much: daily food, barbecue, buffet, etc., so I further narrowed the scope, Lock in on the milk tea desserts that young women love, but milk tea beverage stores are even more popular than Sichuan cuisine. There may be 34 stores on a 500 meter street, and there are too many choices for mid to high-end brand consumers, so it's not enough. I have been working in the catering industry for over ten years. I keenly realized that the product "Fruit Salvage" was just starting and was still a blue ocean, so I ultimately set my goal on "Fruit Salvage".

    The traditional fruit salad is a combination of fruit and regular yogurt. Although it is quick to get started and easy to operate, it is easy to replicate and be abandoned by the market. When eating pizza, one finds that the cheese on the pizza is not only delicious but also can pull out long thin threads. It can be said that this cheese is the soul of pizza, not only delicious, but also interesting.

    So I made a bold attempt again: yogurt can achieve a silky effect like cheese, and it is combined with traditional fruit salad, and made in various colors, not only improving nutrition, but also further enhancing appearance. The fact proves that my attempt was correct. As soon as the girl by the river, the silky yogurt fruit salad was launched, it immediately became a new wind vane for fruit salad, and once became the number one on the must eat list. Long held the top spot on the food list.

  • Q:What are the important points of the brand I want to build?

    Ingredients selection: When my store first opened, I went to the fruit wholesale market every morning at 4 o'clock to select fruits, only to be able to choose the freshest and best quality fruits of the day. Because only in this way can I ensure the quality of my brushed yogurt fruit.

    Research and development of brushed yogurt: People may think that my brushed yogurt only has a brushed effect when cheese is added. If it's really that simple, it would be great. To achieve the brushed effect of yogurt, the conditions are very strict, and it needs to be manually fermented with live bacteria at a specific temperature without leaving people. After countless attempts, we finally developed brushed yogurt.

    Also, everyone has been saying that my brushed yogurt has so many colors. Is it because I added a lot of pigments to achieve this effect? Actually, it's not. The colors of the girl's brushed yogurt by the stream are all extracted from grains and mixed grains, with 0 pigments added. Pregnant mothers eat it casually. Of course, in the future, the brushed yogurt of girls by the stream will continue to launch new products that consumers love. Not limited to fruit salvage.

  • Q:Why did you choose the first store in Taikoo Li?

    Because in the minds of young consumers, Taikoo Li is the "center of the universe". Since 2015, Taikoo Li has been continuously attracting consumers and brands. Although located in Chengdu, the consumers they face are not only from Chengdu or Sichuan, but also from the young consumer group across the country. Opening here is more like a business card, a window, and has also given birth to many internet celebrity brands. And Chengdu's catering brands are full of streets and alleys. If I could make the brand bigger and stronger in both Chengdu and Taikoo Li, then I wouldn't be a roller coaster presence in other cities across the country?

  • Q:The Business Situation and Reflection Improvement of Taikoo Li

    Although the location in Taikoo Li is very good, when the store first opened, the normal daily passenger flow was only about one or two hundred people, and the maximum revenue of the store was only over 10000; Far below my expectations. But we cannot rely solely on geographical location and natural customer flow, we also need to have marketing logic. After all, as a veteran catering expert with so many years of catering experience, I quickly adjusted my business strategy, made good use of the new media industry in the post pandemic era and the actual combination of stores, and conducted promotion, drainage, and exploration, which quickly ignited my store; The passenger flow has increased to over 500 people per day, and the daily revenue has also doubled or tripled, reaching 40000 or 50000 yuan.

    Of course, the surge in customer flow and revenue has also brought some problems, such as a decrease in service levels due to insufficient manpower, long customer queues, and so on. Of course, I have taken these issues into consideration, kept them in mind, and quickly adjusted. I have increased the number of personnel in the store and provided professional training to new employees, making customer issues the top priority to solve.

  • Q:What kind of support does the current cooperation with the girl headquarters by the stream use?

    Firstly, we can provide professional online or offline location selection services for our collaborators. The location selection team of the girl by the stream has experience in collaborating with thousands of stores and has rich practical experience in store location selection.

    Secondly, the headquarters will also provide professional training and assessment for the employees of the collaborator store. Only after passing the assessment can they start working in the store. We also prepare a large number of online courses for collaborators to learn throughout the year, which are all free of charge.

    Furthermore, the R&D team at the headquarters will continue to target the consumer group of young women and develop new products to ensure brand vitality and sustained customer flow.

    Furthermore, there are professional supervisors who can provide one-on-one operation and marketing assistance to partners 24/7. If there are any problems with the store, you can contact our supervisors at any time.

    We have also established a nationwide material transportation system, which enables point-to-point material distribution to partners without the need for partners to drive and transport materials themselves.

    Finally, and most importantly, we will operate delivery platforms on behalf of all our partners' storefronts, enabling them to achieve synchronous profits on both offline and online platforms, which many brands cannot achieve.

  • Q:Open cooperation

    The girl by the stream has been topping the Chengdu Grass Planting List, Punch in List, and Hot Sales List for a month now. Many customers have come to the store to inquire if we can cooperate or not? How to participate in cooperation? I originally intended to continue doing direct sales, but when I asked too many people, I pondered for a long time. There are many ways to succeed, and everyone wants to take shortcuts. Therefore, cooperation is a shortcut to success and making money. Therefore, my personal success is not considered success, helping everyone succeed is considered true success. Therefore, I finally decided to open up cooperation, help everyone, and we will succeed together.

  • Q:What are the innovative/non replicable advantages of the girl by the stream compared to her peers' p

    Traditional fruit salad is just a combination of yogurt and fruits, which is inevitably a bit monotonous. Instead, we sell three products in one store: fruit salad, yogurt, and fresh fruit drinks. We try to integrate the products that young female consumers like into one store. This directly increases the customer's purchasing experience at the store.

    The product research and development team of Xibian Girl all come from Taiwan, and can better follow market trends in product research and development, adjust style packaging, and guide the trend of the fruit salvage industry. Be able to update every quarter and change the menu every six months, always keeping the product at the forefront.

    In addition, we also have a professional online and offline operation team, and these executives have served thousands of catering stores, such as a certain stick chicken, a certain cheese, a certain Baidao, and so on

    We will also teach collaborators to attract new media, relying on the high exposure traffic of the girls' headquarters by the stream to continuously expose their stores. Additionally, we have established a nationwide group meal company, which can facilitate the settlement of core commercial office buildings in the city and the cooperation of dessert afternoon tea, adding bricks and tiles to the revenue of collaborators' stores.

    The brand of the girl by the creek was not created by me, but by the top-level design team I found, relying on a massive amount of data samples for planning and packaging, which can be more accepted and loved by young people.

    I think these are the advantages that the girl by the stream cannot replicate.

  • Q:How to cooperate/How to cooperate with the girl by the stream?

    Firstly, you need to have relatively abundant investment funds, which is the foundation, because catering business is not a one-time transaction, and in the later stage, all aspects may require capital investment;

    Secondly, you must have entrepreneurial thinking and be prepared to endure hardships, because entrepreneurship is not an easy task and not everyone can do it well;

    The most important thing is to have a positive outlook on the fruit salvage industry and have confidence in the girl by the stream project. Only when you have confidence in this project can you create success.

  • Q:Can anyone cooperate

    It is true that our introduction to yogurt and fruit fishing is simple, but not everyone can cooperate with the girl by the stream. We welcome people who want to start a low-cost business and quickly make a profit, those who want to do catering cooperation, those with investment budget and strength, and those who are interested in catering and fruit cutting;

    But I would not choose to cooperate with those who are lazy, unable to endure hardship, unwilling to put in effort, and do not treat consumers sincerely;

    There are also people who do not agree with my brand and do not recognize the business philosophy and management philosophy of Xibian Girl. We Xibian Girl will reject these people.

  • Q:Should we first find a shop or cooperate?

    Of course, we need to cooperate first because we have a professional site selection team. As I mentioned before, our site selection team has served thousands of catering stores and has very senior experience in catering site selection. We can take all factors into consideration and help our partners choose the most suitable location for the girl by the stream. It can help co authors save time costs, time is money.

    There is a saying in our catering industry: 'If you choose the wrong location, your efforts will be in vain.'. The meaning is very obvious, if you choose the wrong location, any brand will be useless here.

    Of course, if you already have a very good location, you can also find a shop before collaborating. Of course, in this case, it is recommended to have our professional site selection team review it again for more insurance. Because not every industry is suitable in the same place.

  • Q:What is the best position for a girl by the stream to drive?

    There are currently three types of stores available for girls by the creek, including startup stores, standard stores, and flagship stores.

    Entrepreneurial stores, as the name suggests, are small and suitable for opening near residential areas, at the entrance of universities, etc. These locations are essential for people to pass through, and there will be accurate customer flow. However, there is only one category of fruit salvage;

    The area of a standard store is 30-50 square meters, which is suitable for opening in the core areas of cities, especially in pedestrian streets, shopping malls, etc. in county-level cities. There is a golden rule that is to open large stores in small areas. Consumers in county-level markets are more eager to choose brand products for better safety and service protection. The girl by the river opening a store in county-level markets can basically be considered a dimensionality reduction blow;

    Finally, there is the flagship store, with an area of 50-100 square meters, suitable for opening in large commercial complexes, internet famous streets, etc. in cities. These locations have sufficient passenger flow guarantees, and although the initial investment is relatively high, the return on investment is also fast.

  • Q:Why do girls by the stream fill up every day?

    Traffic, first and foremost, must be traffic, because as I have said before, the fruit fishing industry is still a blue ocean, and the brushed yogurt fruit fishing industry is a unicorn. In addition, we will launch new products every quarter and change menus every six months, so that the girl by the stream can maintain a continuous flow of traffic;

    Secondly, we plant grass and repurchase, as we have put in great effort in the materials and flavors of our products. Therefore, most customers who have consumed in the store are very proactive in sharing the girl by the stream with those around us; Even many fashion influencers, after tasting the girl by the stream, take the initiative to plant grass for free for their fans;

    Because the materials are solid enough and the taste is deeply loved by consumers, the repurchase rate is also much higher than that of peers;

    Finally, there are multi-dimensional collaborations and multi scenario applications, such as our collaboration with hotpot shops, skewered barbecue shops, and others, collaborating on desserts, jointly developing new products, and collaborating with business office buildings for afternoon tea. These collaborations have actually contributed to the popularity of the Creek Girl brand.

  • Q:Is the profit high or not

    My previous video mentioned that the fruit salvage industry is currently a blue ocean, with high profits. However, the profit of the girl by the stream is slightly higher than that of her peers. Why? Because we have an efficient management model, for example, two people can complete tasks for three people, reducing one person's expenses. Does this indirectly increase profits?

    Secondly, our core material procurement volume is large, which naturally leads to lower prices and higher profits;

    Also, as sales increase, profits naturally increase. For example, if you sell 1000 units a day and the profit is 700, with the help of headquarters, if you sell 2000 units the next day, will the profit be 1400?

    Of course, the specific profit level still needs to be calculated based on the location of your store.

  • Q:Investment return cycle

    A milk tea beverage store with thousands of chain collaborations has provided feedback that the return period is 24 months, which is considered a very good project in our industry. However, the return period for the girl by the stream is 3-8 months. Of course, this prerequisite is the high compatibility of the partners. How our headquarters guides you and how you operate and implement it is an important prerequisite for quick returns.

    Secondly, the cost of the current tea beverage category is as high as 50W, but the minimum cost investment for the girl by the stream is less than one-fifth of the tea beverage investment, which is also one of the important reasons for the short return period.

    Another thing is that we have established a delivery platform and a professional delivery platform operation team, which can achieve both offline and online harvests;

    And now it is still the dividend period for the fruit salvage category. We have avoided the fierce competition for tea drinks, but have also joined the fruit beverage category, absorbing some of its customer flow;

    Finally, we have opened group meal services in some cities across the country, accurately connecting with some business customers, which also shortens the return cycle.

  • Q:What if I lose money?

    The girl by the creek has opened more than 30 stores, and currently no one claims to have lost money. Instead, with the help of our headquarters, all the stores are full. To put it ten thousand steps back, if you really lose money on the store, you are also very impressive. I'll give you a thumbs up!

    Now not only is it the girl by the stream, but the entire cooperative market also has cooperation fees, including rent, equipment fees, and down payment for materials. You can start a store. Firstly, your store cannot be consistently losing money, and cooperation fees can definitely be earned back. Secondly, there is daily sales revenue that can support your rent and personnel expenses. The house belongs to the landlord, and if you don't rent it, you can return it to the landlord, who will refund a portion of your rent; Employees can be dissolved; If you are a cooperating brand, the brand can help you resell the depreciation of the equipment to your next home. For example, if you spent 50000 yuan on the equipment at that time, you can transfer it out for 90% new or 80% new, which can recover 30000 to 40000 yuan; What you can't take with you is the renovation. Now the restaurant can be installed very well for 50000 to 70000 yuan, so the only thing you lose is the renovation cost. If you can't bear the risk, then I still advise you not to start a business. Let's just live an honest 996 and earn your thousands of dollars. Fantasy poetry and distant places every day.

  • Q:How to distribute the goods?

    We, the girl by the river, have over 30 self built and cooperative warehouses nationwide. After the partner places an order, the system will automatically send the order to the nearest warehouse, achieving peer-to-peer delivery and completing the supply of materials to the store in the shortest possible time.

  • Q:How much is the total investment?

    Because there are currently three types of store types for the girl by the stream: startup store, standard store, and flagship store, the investment amount for these three types of store types varies in different levels, ranging from approximately 150000 to 300000 yuan. Cooperation fees, equipment fees, cash register system, down payment for materials, etc. are already included, but decoration fees are not included. Because decoration fees are closely related to local labor costs, material costs, and store size.

  • Q:To what extent are self media accounts supported?

    Because the brand "Xibian Girl" has a huge amount of traffic, it will continue to increase exposure and traffic to the brand. Therefore, after collaborating with Xibian Girl, the headquarters will support each partner to create their own media account, such as helping you register an account, how to shoot, what content to shoot, how to publish, and so on. Relying on the high traffic of the headquarters, it will increase the exposure of each store and empower offline and online synchronization.

    But this assistance only lasts for three months?, After 3 months, I have basically learned the basics. After 3 months, I need the partner to operate on my own. Of course, if there are any problems in the later stage, I can still request help from the headquarters.

  • Q:Can we make money?

    Many people ask me if I can make money by collaborating with the girl by the stream, and I definitely say yes. But there is a prerequisite for making money, which is that the partners must have absolute cooperation.

    Firstly, you need to recognize the form of brand cooperation, recognize the brand of Xibian Girl's brushed yogurt and fruit salvage, and recognize the culture of Xibian Girl's brand, which is the main premise.

    Secondly, you also need to strictly follow the requirements for the location, decoration, and operation of the headquarters;

    Finally, it is also very important that the selection of your ingredients must ensure quality and quantity, treat consumers sincerely, and only honest collaborators can operate for a long time.

  • Q:What is the operating cost?

    The operating costs of the store, after considering the rent, are nothing more than water and electricity costs, labor costs, and some consumables, such as rags and mops. The proportion of water and electricity is generally between 2% and 3%, and the labor cost is around 12%. Consumables can be ignored, so the comprehensive control of these two costs is within 15% -20%.

    Here's another concept to popularize for everyone: rent to sales ratio, which means that rent is directly proportional to sales. For example, if you choose the right location, the higher the rent, the higher the sales.

    So, if you include rent and control the total operating costs within 30%, then your store will be very profitable.

  • Q:Is there much competition?

    I have said it many times before, the fruit salvage industry is now a blue ocean, and the girl by the stream who pulls silk yogurt fruit salvage is the dark horse of this industry.

    You may have seen more than n chain tea beverage brands, but how many chain brands have you seen for Fruits Lao?

    So if you want to be the first person to eat crabs, you must seize this opportunity.

  • Q:How much can I still earn after recouping the cost of building a store?

    After reaching the breakeven point, there will be a relatively stable marginal profit margin, which can basically reach over 40%. Generally speaking, for every 10 yuan purchased, 4 yuan is the profit. If you sell 600 units per day and the average price of each unit is 20, then you will have a profit of 4480 yuan per day. Do you think this is okay?

  • Q:Can the headquarters guarantee sales?

    But whoever can guarantee sales to you is a scammer

    Ensuring sales is fundamentally unreliable. What I promise you in this way is to dispel your doubts, and to lay the groundwork for charging you more in the future. If I sign a contract with you, there must be many restrictive clauses. For novice novices, if you don't pay attention, you will be deceived by these tricks, so don't be confused by these things. Instead, based on your own investigation, judgment, and understanding of the services and content provided by the company, as well as the charging standards, Consider whether to cooperate again. In business, the first step is to minimize risks and then pursue maximum profits, rather than blindly thinking about free lunches, which are often the most expensive!

  • Q:How does the cashier system process the account?

    Go directly to the merchant's account without taking any samples

    We have an efficient and intelligent cash register system, which is included in the initial store building fees. The money collected will be directly transferred to the merchant's account without any additional fees, achieving maximum benefits for the merchant's storefront.

  • Q:How many materials does the company prepare for unified allocation?

    The company's unified distribution is all core materials, including raw materials for making yogurt, small ingredients, dry ingredients, as well as clothing for store staff, product packaging boxes, bags, etc. Fresh fruits need to be collected by partners themselves.

  • Q:How much can 40000 raw materials be sold

    Our brand's comprehensive gross profit can reach around 60%. Today, if we conservatively calculate it based on 60% gross profit, the cost rate would be 40%. 40000 raw materials, including your fruit, how much sales can be made? 40000 divided by 0.4, and the final result is 100000 sales. Let me ask you a question: 300000 sales, how many raw materials do you need? Have you figured it out yet?